Ride Horses With Dawn

Take a Ride Inside…

“Have you ever dreamed of horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains? Are you a Horse-Enthusiast waiting to happen? I’ve got the horses — Let’s Ride!” — Dawn

Dawn and Laddie, fall ride in the woods..Are you ready for a life changing trans-formation? Don’t know where or how to start?

Ride along with me and my four generations of home-bred Arabian-cross horses on a custom, personalized SoulHorseRide.

A SoulHorseRide is not just a ride on a horse.

A SoulHorseRide utilizes Horses and Nature and Wild-land Trails to open a window into the realm of the Divine. It’s a healing place. An inspirational space. Capable of changing lives. . .

Anna jumping Fae.

Soul Horse Rides:

* Enable transformation in areas of business, family, and life where you may currently feel stuck.

* Allow you to break out of your preconceived confines and reach for higher insights, higher goals.

* Work as a catalyst to jumpstart your creative process – to re-awaken your relationship with life – to activate and liberate your soul!

* Overcome anxiety, stalemates, and fears.

* Foster greater understanding between human and horse – greater awareness of the Natural world.

Dawn with Majesty.
Dawn with Majesty.

Southern California Location

We are located in the Gateway to Southern California – the Frazier Mountain (Frazier Park) area of the Los Padres National Forest, just one hour North of Greater LA – 85 miles North of LAX.

Bed and Breakfast services available. “Haul-to” rides possible – Malibu, Ojai area.

Your journey awaits you — Pony Up!

Call for details ~

Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

(661) 703-6283  

Rick on Fae, with Orbs, Pinos


Please come over to Dawn’s Life blog — Journal of Dawn — for Strategies and Insights into the Journey of Life from the vantage point of a Lady Farrier.

Cloud Ball Bogenvillia


Copyright 2013, 2018, 2022

Dawn and Laddie photo courtesy of A. Fulcher

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