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Welcome to Love to Hoof :)) 

Here at Love to Hoof, I shall endeavor to share with you knowledge and insights from my personal decades-long horse journey.

And I’ll share what I’ve learned from my Barefoot Trimming and Therapeutic Farrier career (since 1990), spanning from California to Hawaii . . . Malibu to Molokai. Ojai to Oahu.

I hope you will enjoy :)) The horses. The hooves. The concepts.

And the Artistic Inspiration we get from them.

Ride on!

DawnHoof :))

To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283

Dawn Shadow

Who is DawnHoof?

Farrier (Horseshoer), Horsewoman, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Adventurer, Writer.

In 1990, Dawn learned how to trim her barefoot homebred horses from her famous, old-time Farrier Uncle, Ink Knudson. (He shod Roy Roger’s Trigger, Gene Autry’s Champion, Ronald Reagan’s horses, and countless actors, actresses, everyday Joe’s and little kid’s horses — of every equine discipline — for more than 60 years.)

After six years of trimming, Dawn got Max, a horse with an old injury and therapeutic hoof issues. To keep him sound, Uncle Ink taught Dawn how to nail on sensible shoes.

(She started out terrified of this, but learned to love the shoeing process that helped not just Max, but so many others, throughout the years :))

Dawn then chased down a farrier education, seeking out the best research in both barefoot trims and reasonable shoeing practices — studying with Gene Ovnicek (Natural Balance), Mark Plumlee (Mission Farrier School), Mike Salvoldi (Researcher), Monique and John Craig (Epona Shoes), Pete Ramey (Barefoot Researcher and Specialist), . . . and many, many others, including numerous one-on-one horse/work-up sessions alongside accomplished Veterinarians.


Among Dawn’s Farrier Accomplishments:

Western States Farriers Association Secretary. Farrier and horse/hoof articles published in: Anvil Magazine, American Farrier’s Journal, Professional Farrier Magazine, Natural Horse Magazine, Holistic Horse Magazine, and others.

Dawn worked trimming and shoeing horses in two separate regions: Southern California and Hawaii, traveling between the two every 6 weeks for fourteen years (over 120 round trip flights, earning her the reputation of “Die Hard Dawn“, keeping horses sound from Malibu to Molokai, Ojai to Oahu :))

She now lives in the Frazier Park Mountains above Southern California, 6,000 elevation, where she rides and loves her four (Fanta-descendant) horses (and offers Soul Horse Rides, see below); trims and shoes horses in Southern California; and has completed 14 years of flying to Hawaii every 6 weeks trimming and shoeing horses in Paradise!



More About Dawn

Before Dawn was 20 she: set out alone for 10 days on her horse, Rebel, into the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest (outside Santa Barbara); worked as horse wrangler/trail guide for the UCSB Recreation Department; moved to Enumclaw Washington – built  an 18′ Sioux Indian Tipi – lived in her tipi in a cow pasture; and worked on a Dairy Farm — in the milking parlor, milking cows — taking care of “the Girls” (all 120 of them!).

In her 20’s Dawn: jumped out of a perfectly good airplane; got her Private Pilot license; started her own fashion business; flew 300 flight hours throughout Southern California; worked as freelance entrepreneur and business consultant in Silicon Valley; and bought her yearling mare, Fanta, (b.1979), the foundation of her four generations of homebred endurance and carriage horses. (Appaloosa/Running-Quarter/Thoroughbred, with a mix of Shire and Endurance-Arab for a Divine Equine Experience :))


Good 'ol Chap

~~___(\ ~~___(\ ~~___(\
…/< >\ …/< >\ …/< >\

To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283   dawn@frazmtn.com *

* Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . . if you send an email and don’t hear back from me, please call or text

HoofCare Services


Life is a Journey

For more Horse-Related Inspiration, please visit Dawn’s Horse blog:  Soul Horse Ride :))

Fae, Rick, Pinos

What is a Soul Horse Ride?

 Take a Ride Inside…

A Soul Horse Ride is not just a ride on a horse. We utilize Horses and Nature and Wildland Trails to open a window into the realm of the Divine. It’s a healing place. An inspirational space.

The Soul Horse Ride experience is crafted to allow you to break out of your preconceived confines and reach for higher insights, higher goals. It works as a catalyst to jumpstart your creative process – to re-awaken your relationship with Life – to activate and liberate your soul!

Ride along with me and my four generations of home-bred, home-raised horses.

Join me for either an Actual Ride – or enjoy a Virtual Ride, from the comfort of your computer.

Your journey awaits you – Pony Up!



Hula Sisters &amp; Cousins
Hula Sisters & Cousins — family archives

Please come over to Dawn’s Life blog:

Journal of Dawn —

for Strategies and Insights into the Journey of Life from the vantage point of a Lady Farrier.

Cloud Ball Bogenvillia

To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283


(Photos by DawnHoof unless otherwise credited)

Photo of DawnHoof and roses: R. Trento

Airplane photo of Dawn: Family Archives

Vintage family photo: Courtesy of Cousin Andy


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