HoofCare Services

I've been there -- and I can help!

Frustrated with your farrier???

I’ve been there — and I can help!

Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier/Natural HoofCare

Hoof Coach; Farrier Consultant; Hands-on Trimming Instruction

– Since 1990 –

Side Saddle Rider

 ~ Offering Optimal HoofCare Fusion ~

Healthy, Functional Barefoot and Shod Hooves, as needed

~~___(\ ~~___(\ ~~___(\
…/< >\ …/< >\ …/< >\

Lameness Solutions – Wild-Hoof Barefoot Trims – Sensible Shoes

~  Second-Generation Farrier  ~

Dawn and Roses

Dawn’s Bio: I have fifty-plus years of horse experience, and have trimmed my own four generations of homebred horses since 1990. I learned how to shoe in 1996 to maintain and heal my horse, Max, who needed therapeutic shoes for an old injury. Since then, I’ve chased down a farrier education, published articles in farrier magazines, and pursued my creative horse carriage, endurance and trail riding passions . . . see my Soul Horse Ride blog for more on my horse philosophy :)) — DawnHoof

DawnHoof Shadow

Student of: Gene Ovnicek, Pete Ramey, Epona Plastic Composite Horseshoes … (see  Dawn’s Bio) and my Uncle, Ink Knudson, Farrier with more than 60 years Hoofcare Experience

Call Dawn: (661) 703-6283

dawn@frazmtn.com *

Serving Southern California — previously, Hawaii — Oahu and Molokai

* Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . . if you send an email and don’t hear back from me, please call or text


Wild-Hoof Barefoot Trims


Emphasis on Function — Comfort and Soundness

It’s true: Not all farriers, not all trims are alike. My “Hawaiian HoofCare” Natural Barefoot Hoof Trims are time-tested, wear well, and serve the whole horse. Owners report: Increased growth and circulation; greater length of stride; enhanced movement and soundness; less chipping and cracking.

“Allow your horse to move with Aloha!”  DawnHoof


 Therapeutic Shoeing —
Thinking “Outside the Box”

Sheared heels, deficient lateral wall

Sheared heels — Lateral wall deficiency

Lateral support/Sole support/Lateral extension

Narural Balance hind pattern shoe — EDSS Perforated pad
Dental Impression support material — Creative nailing!

Happy Dawn, Happy Hoof

“Hooves are the Wings on which Horses Fly!”
Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier


“It’s Art!”  Ink Knudson — Dawn’s Mentor and Farrier Uncle :))          (regarding shoeing, trimming, hoofcare)

Love to Hoof


Copyright 2013, 2018, 2022

Dawn and roses photo credit: R. Trento

Hawaii hoof photos — DawnHoof collection

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