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“Hooves are the Wings on which Horses Fly!” DawnHoof


Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

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To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283 *

Serving Southern California — previously, Hawaii — Oahu and Molokai
* Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . . if you send an email and don’t hear back from me, please call or text

HoofCare Services

Dawn Shadow


Dawn’s Horse Blog and Life Blog:

Please stop by and visit Soul Horse Ride, Dawn’s creative Horse and Riding Blog, with Inspiration, art, and poetry as well as Soul Horse Rides, and Virtual Rides.

Visit Dawn’s Life Blog, Journal of Dawn, and experience her pep-talks, poetic philosophy, and many Life-Strategies, including her:Guide to Greater Happiness and: Depression Emergency Kit.

Love to Hoof


Copyright 2022

Photos by Dawn Jenkins unless otherwise noted

Additional photo credit: Dawn with hoof — T. Turner

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