Learn to Trim — Learn to Shoe

Hoof Coach DawnHoof’s “Hawaiian HoofCare” Trimming & Farrier Instruction

Dawn and Roses

 Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

“You can either have me out to trim  or Learn to Trim Your Own.”


“One-on-One, Hands-on Learning”

Unlock your own Power – Learn to Trim your Horse(s) and Keep them Sound!
Dawn has taught dozens of Horsemen/Women to Fulfill their HoofCare GoalsTo trim their own hooves. Start a trimming career. Or learn to nail on shoes.
“One-on-one instruction, just the way I learned…”  DawnHoof

Hoof Training Session

Thumbelina hoof

Dawn’s Hawaiian HoofCare student with Belgian Draft hoof
((: Note traditional Hawaiian farrier wardrobe! :))


Advantages of Learning from DawnHoof — “Hawaiian HoofCare”

                     By working in two different regions —                             Bone-dry Southern California, and Lush, Tropical Hawaii — DawnHoof has Specialized Skills/knowledge, including:

  • Greater experience working with hoof maladies such as: White Line Disease; Thrush, Fungus, Scratches, and skin problems; Dropped and Thin Soles; Stone-bruises and Abscesses; Laminitis, Founder; Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease; High-low Syndrome; Under-run heels; Negative palmar angle; Forging, Over-reaching and Interfering; Splints; Ringbone, Navicular, Pedal Osteitis; Dog bites, cuts, gashes and injuries of all kinds; and then some…
  • Advantage of therapeutic trimming and shoeing alongside knowledgeable Veterinarians with detailed horse history, lameness exams, work-ups and on-going radiographs.
  • Experience removing shoes and taking horses barefoot in both dry, and difficult Tropical environment — knowledge of booting, trimming, nutrition, exercise and care practices for best success — and, also, when shoeing is necessary.
  • Numerous avenues, materials and options in both trimming and shoeing — not just stuck in one approach.
  • Experience with practical herbal/nutritional/holistic remedies and modalities.
  • Development of skills in dealing with some nasty, difficult horse behaviors!
  • More exposure to more conditions: The Good; The Bad — The Lovely; The Ugly.

To set up your Hoof-learning One-on-One or Small Group Consultation, call or text:

Dawn: (661) 703-6283

dawn@frazmtn.com *

Serving Southern California — previously, Hawaii — Oahu and Molokai
* Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . . if you send an email and don’t hear back from me, please call or text


Copyright 2013, 2018, 2022

Photos by DawnHoof unless otherwise noted

Additional photo credits: S. Curry, R. Trento, T. Turner

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