Lectures and Seminars

Barefoot & Farrier Fusion ~ Sound Hoof Trimming & Sensible Shoeing Practices


Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

 Author of numerous published Farrier articles, Barefoot Trimming Specialist, Therapeutic Farrier, Horse Breeder, Trainer, Adventure Trail Rider, Carriage Driver . . .

DawnHoof is available for lectures, talks and demonstrations for your Horse, Art, and Science-interested Group, Pony Club, Barn, Stable, or School (classroom or Assembly).

  • Hoof Anatomy
  • Horse Behavior
  • Horse Handling
  • Farrier Research and Theory
  • Trimming skills
  • Shoeing skills
  • Anvil and Blacksmithing

To bring your Hoof and Horse Science program alive, take advantage of Dawn’s:

  • Fifty-plus years of practical horse knowledge
  • Collection of anatomical freeze-dried bones and specimens
  • Polished presentation and teaching skills
  • Colorful metaphors, anecdotes and stories

Dawn and Roses

Contact Dawn for dates, pricing and availability :))

Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

~~___(\ ~~___(\ ~~___(\
…/< >\ …/< >\ …/< >\

To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283   dawn@frazmtn.com *

* Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . . if you send an email and don’t hear back from me, please call or text

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